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The purpose of the Dirty Birds Lacrosse Club is to compete as club level summer program, develop our players’ skills, and promote strong character in our young athletes.  The Dirty Birds were created as a travel team to benefit all players in East Cobb and the Greater Atlanta Area.  Our goal is to improve these players for spring competition and to help our players develop.  We focus on team development as a whole and also on each of our individual players in their varying skill levels.  We want to train our boys to better play their position, improve their lacrosse IQ, and further their overall athletic development.  



We focus on footwork, speed and agility, weightlifting, stick skills, shooting, and dodging.  We teach our boys the importance of having “go-to” moves on the offensive end to create goal scorers, and the importance of moving the ball out of a failed dodge to create offense for a teammate. Defensively we focus on footwork, body positioning, maintaining a core unit through communication, speed, and implementing our slide package.